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In regards to natural/herbal supplements, cold pressed juices and vegan shakes sold in our office or on our website:

FDA Disclaimer: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or condition, consult your healthcare provider. Always consult your medical doctor or nurse practitioner before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.


About Us


Who Are We?

We are a medical weight loss center located in the East Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. We are a team of Nurse Practitioners committed to creating personalized treatment plans to assist each client with meeting their weight loss and wellness goals. We understand that there is no single plan that works for everyone, therefore we will strategically design individualized regimens.

We will encourage you to “Get in the Zone!” and you will often hear us use that slogan during your visit.

Weight loss is often viewed as an uphill battle leaving you feeling discouraged and defeated. But we want you to view it as an enjoyable journey with many challenges that you will overcome. 

During this process you will travel through multiple zones before ultimately entering into your “well zone”!!! Your well zone is your desired goal (optimal weight, optimal strength, optimal endurance, and reduced health risks).


What’s a Nurse Practitioner?

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is an Advanced Practice Nurse who has additional education and training in a specialty area. NPs can prescribe medication, examine patients, diagnose illnesses, and provide treatment. NPs bring a comprehensive holistic approach to health care with a unique emphasis on the health and well-being of the whole person.

Most NPs have an average of 5-10 years professional experience as a Registered Nurse (RN) prior to completing a masters or doctoral degree program.

To be recognized as expert health care providers, NPs undergo rigorous national certification, periodic peer review, clinical outcome evaluations, and adhere to a code of ethical practices.

NPs are more than just health care providers; they are mentors, educators, researchers, and administrators.

NPs are committed to optimizing patient outcomes through lower health care costs and increased patient satisfaction.


Your First Visit

During your first visit, you will be provided with multiple forms requiring completion. Next, you will meet with a Nurse Practitioner. She will check your blood pressure, check your height and weight, complete your bio impedance analysis (BIA), and perform a limited physical exam. Then she will review your medical, surgical, diet and exercise history and recommend a weight loss/wellness plan that best meets your needs. 

Most health insurance companies will NOT cover weight loss treatments and what they are willing to cover is extremely limited. Payment for services will be accepted in the form of cash, credit, or debit. We offer affordable rates and payment plans for all products and services. A $15 deposit is required for all appointments booked online. Deposit will be credited to your final balance at your first appointment. Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance in order to receive full refund, otherwise deposit will NOT be refunded (no exceptions). Please call or email with all cancellation requests.

Reshape Minds•Resculpt Bodies


Knowledgeable Expertise

With years of success and experience, our team is capable of analyzing your body and creating a weight loss plan that you are comfortable with. Plans may include FDA approved appetite suppressants, herbal supplements, B12 And lipotropic injections, meal replacements, and diet and exercise counseling. We will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals. 



Individualized Plans

Our Nurse Practitioners will work with you to create a customized program that will meet your specific needs and goals. Our experienced team is equipped with knowledge to provide you with an understanding of your weight loss plan and answers to all your questions.  



Diet and Exercise Guidance

Meal planning is important for most people due to the fast lifestyles we have. Having healthy delicious meals ready to go can benefit your weight loss plan. Our experienced team will introduce you to delicious foods and high protein/low calorie meal replacements. We will also show you ways that you can include your favorite foods into your healthy meal plans. 

Exercise will also be an integral component of your weight loss plan. We will meet you where you are and guide you to gradually increase strength and endurance.


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